Graffi*tee Studios


Gotta love the colors and layers of these street art pieces!  

These bold collages pack a punch,

make a statement and generally shout out

to the walls of your not so humble abode.   

 "Follow the Music"

 "Beantown Boiyz"

etsy beantown boiyz  Follow the Music

"Act Now"

act now changed up for website Extry Extry c we are all one for web

 "Extry Extry"

 "We are all One"

hip hop culture for web up for breakfast for web seize the cupcake final for web down for dinner for web

 "Hip Hop Culture NYC"

 "Seize the Cupcake"

 "Down for Dinner"

 "Up for Breakfast"

here fishy fishy c how art is born c life is a great big canvas c live out loud c love is in the air c

 "Live out Loud"

 "How Art is Born"

 "Love is in the Air"

 "Here Fishy Fishy"

 "Life is a Great Big Canvas"

Ⓒ Copyright 2010 Graffi*tee Studios.  

All rights reserved.



ride the ferris wheel c coney Island food vendors c wonder wheel c

 "Ride the Ferris Wheel"

 "Wonder Wheel"

 "Coney Island Food Vendors"

org. photo Carol M. Highsmith

Heavenly Body Works c Art Kraft Strauss Building c South Bank skate park c Amoeba Music Building c 5 Pointz c South Bank skate park undercroft c

 "South Bank skate park -London"

 "5 Pointz LIC Building -NYC"

 "Heavenly Bodyworks Building -NYC"

 "Amoeba Music Building -Haight Ashbury"

 "South Bank skate park undercroft -London"

 "Art Kraft Strauss Building -NYC"

Step right up c

 "Step Right Up"

 "Tichnor Bros. Photo Attribution"

sunshine & happiness for web

 "Sunshine & Happiness"

Graffiti Abstract 2 c Graffiti Abstract 1 c

 "Graffiti Abstract 1"

 "Graffiti Abstract 2"

windmill lane studios Dublin for web windmill lane building Dublin for web

 "Windmill Lane Studios -Dublin"

 "Windmill Lane Building -Dublin"


 "Let it Go"

 "Never a Cross Word"

GST741 GST762 British Invasion lo res GST763 Haight Asbury painted lo res

 "British Invasion"

 "Haight Ashbury"