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te amo with frame

Your Passions. Hobbies. Emotions.

Express it. Shout it. Display it.

Gutenberg would be proud.

Word Up.


play shred it c play sustain trees c play la costa c play Big Sky c play Seaside c play sustain turtle c play seafarer c play ocean rider c play NOLA c

Play Series

"Ocean Rider"



"Sustain Trail"

"La Costa"

"Shred It"


"Big Sky"

"Sustain Turtle"

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be merry c drink c eat c



"Be Merry"

retro cocktails for web

"Retro Cocktails"

"Play with the Big Boys"

play w the big boys lo res c i am your sails for web i am your spice for web i am your yin for web you are my anchor for web you are my sugar for web you are my yang for web

Collocations Groupings

"You Are My Anchor"

"You Are My Sugar"

"I am Your Sails"

"I am Your Spice"

"You are My Yang"

"I am Your Yin"

It is what it is c

"It is What it is"

GST648 GST647

"Museums of the World"

"Just Dance"


"Center My Home"

GST745 GST744

"Yoga Poses"

Parchment Background

"Yoga Poses"

Copper Background

GST887 hello today low res GST888 bye bye regrets low res GST873 hello me time low res GST874 bye bye stress low res GST875 wanderlist low res GST886 WELCOME lo res



"Hello Me Time"

"Bye Bye Stress"

"Hello Today"

"Bye Bye Regrets"

GST872 create space low res (no frame) GST825 be mindful low res (no frame) GST826 seek happiness low res (no frame) GST823 let it be low res (no frame) GST827 stress is an opportunity low res (no frame) GST824 being present  low res (no frame)

"Let it Be"

"Seek Happiness"

"Be Mindful"

"Being Present"

"Create Space"

"Stress is an Opportunity"

GST1391 HONOR KING  on manilla 24x36 lo res GST1394 I AM a MAN manilla on film 24x36 lo res GST1407 California NorCal Typography 18 x 24 low r GST1408 california SoCal Typography 18 x 24 low re GST1413 lone star state typography 18 x 24 low res

"Lone Star Badge"

"Honor King"

manilla repeat

"Lone Star State" Typography



"California NorCal" Typography

"California SoCal" Typography

"Que Sera Sera"

"Besos y Abrazos"

"Center Yourself"

"Te Amo"

GST1214 rules wash away 7 x 17 low res

"Rules Wash Away"

que sera sera with frame center yourself with frame besos y abrazos with frame GST1556 todays wifi password 18x24 wall art low re GST1555 no tank top no flip flops no service 18x24 GST1554 guest room amenities 24x18 wall art low re GST1557 a woman of valor 24x18 wall art low res GST1523 go and do good things 9x30 lo res

"Go and Do Good Things"

"Guest Room Amenities"

"Today's WiFi Password"

"No Tank Tops No Flip Flops"

"A Woman of Valor"

Return to Art Home Page  GST1811 Can & Will lo res GST1806 When Words Fail, Music Speaks lo res GST1807 more love less judgement lo res GST1808 Home anchor lo res GST1809 Give people lo res GST1810 I love you as big as the sky lo res GST1812 Though she be but little, 10x10 lo res GST1813 There before the Grace Large lettering 6x1 GST1814 live life in the key of happy 10x10 lo res GST1815 Today is a good day for a good day 10x10 l GST1816 Good Morning Starshine 10x10 lo res

"Home is Wherever We Set Anchor"

"When Words Fail, Music Speaks"

"Give People a Piece of Your Heart"

"Can & Will"

"More Love, Less Judgement"

"i Love you as Big as the Sky"

"There Before the Grace of YOU, Go I"

"Though She be Little, She is Fierce"

"Live Life in the Key of Happy"

"Good Morning, Starshine"

"Today is a Good Day for a Good Day"

Wood Words

GST1548-shallow-water-notice-18x24-low-res-wall-ar GST1549-shellfish-area-warning-18x24-low-res-wall- GST1550-hot-lifeguard-caution-18x24-low-res-wall-a GST1551-attention-bathing-suits-now-optional-18x24

"Extremely Hot Lifeguard"

"Shallow Water"

"Bathing Suits Optional"

"Shelfish Area"

where the deer and the antelope play for gs home on the range for gs

"Home on the Range"

"Where the Deer & the Antelope Play"