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Spiritual & Inspirational

John Updike's pearls,

"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the soul…"

ring true with our collection of Spiritual & Inspirational prints.

Let them breathe life into your space...and your soul.


 "Go Confidently"

 "Window to My World"

(Inspired by Cancer Survivors)

 "Tiny Ripple of Hope"

Go confidently for web tiny ripple of hope for web window to my world c Destiny c God Bless the USA c Power & Purity c

 "God Bless the USA"

 "Power & Purity"


Thou are not Farther c

 "Thou are not Farther"

God is, and all is well c Love. Hope.Fear Faith c Spirit is in every living thing c

 "God is, and all is well"

 "Love. Hope. Fear. Faith."

l is for love for web f is for faith for web h is for hope for web

"F is for Faith"

 "L is for Love"

 "H is for Hope"

joy follows  c

"joy follows"

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God is Love for web

 "God is Love"

You Can c

"You Can"

palabras de consuelo amor for web el abecedario del amor besos for web el abecedario del amor corazon for web el abecedario del amor abrazos for web palabras de consuelo paz for web palabras de consuelo hogar for web

"Palabras de Consuelo"

(Words of Comfort)

"Paz" (Peace)

"Amor" (Love)

"Hogar" (Home)

"El Abecedario del Amor"

(The ABC's of Love)

"Abrazos" (Hugs)

"Besos" (Kisses)

"Corazon" (Heart)

We is in Dream Country c miracles await c

"We is in Dream Country"

 "Miracles Await"

 "Spirit is in every living thing"

angels are everywhere c

 "Angels are Everywhere"

love bears all things low res

 "Love Bears All Things"


 "May Your Troubles Be Less"

Irish Blessing

GST809 GST814

 "With Our Thoughts We Make the World"

 "East and West"

GST890 kindling of a flame low res GST831 om shanti om low res

 "Kindling of a Flame"

 "Om Shanti Om"

GST872 Live Life in the Key of Happy lo res

 "Live Life in the Key of Happy"

GST815 imagine low res


GST922 Strength Comes 6x6 lo res GST923 Look Left Look Right 6x11 lo res I Have Decided 20x20 lo res

 "Strength Comes"

 "I Have Decided"

 "Look Left Look Right"

GST1260 to the lord 7 x 32 low res GST1355 Throw off the Bowlines dreamy 18x24 lo res GST1274 Simply Words you are loved lo res GST1275 Simply Words breathe. you'll get through l GST1277 Simply Words Religous peace I leave you lo GST1278 Simply Words Religious  give us this day l GST1279 Simply Words Religious  with GOD all thing GST1282 Weeds or wishes 18x24 lo res GST1276 Simply Words begin each day lo res

 "Throw Off the Bowlines Dreamy"

 "To the Lord"

 "Always Take the Cross Road"

 Simple Words

"Give Us This Day"

 Simple Words

"With God"

 Simple Words

"Peace I Leave You"

"Weeds or Wishes"

 Simple Words

"Begin Each Day With Gratitude"

 Simple Words

"You Are Loved"

 Simple Words

"Breathe. You'll Get Through"

always take the cross road with frame GST905 Hope 18x24 lo res


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