Graffi*tee Studios

Rated G Kids

New addition in the house?

Traditional pink, blue and the rest of the rainbow of these designs  

will perk up any child's room.  Fun and inspiration abound here for your babes, kids and tweens.


 "Kiss Me Goodnight"

 "Beach Fun"

umbrella square for web t es para tigre for web play ball square for web l is for lion traditional for web flip flops square for web e is for elephant traditional for web dig deep for web g es para gorila for web

 "Animal Alphabet"

 "El Alfabeto de Animales"

the world is your beach for web

"The World is Your Beach"

water daily for web

"Water Daily"

Toes in the Sand c

"Toes in the Sand"

Beechcraft AT-11 plane c Beechcraft UC45-F plane c Douglas A20-G plane c waco CG-4A plane c

 "Beechcraft AT-11"

 "Beechcraft UC-45F"

 "Douglas A-20G"

 "Waco CG-4A"

dude_wagon_for_web look out for cars  sized

"Dude Wagon"

"Look Out for Cars"

t is for tiger traditional for web g is for gorilla traditional for web l es para leon for web e es para elefante for web

Ⓒ Copyright 2010 Graffi*tee Studios.  

All rights reserved.



Promise Me c

 "Promise Me"

good thoughts c

 "Good Thoughts"

friends forever c best buddies c

"best buddies"

"friends forever"

Selfie Zone ID Required for web Selfie Zone No Photobombing for web Selfie Zone Paparazi Welcome for web

"Selfie Zone:ID Required"

"Selfie Zone:Paparazzi Welcome"

"Selfie Zone:No Photobombing"

why fit in you made this day special c bee silly c

 "Why fit in"

 "You made this day special"

 "Bee Silly"

Selfie Zone Series

"Hello My Name Is" School Series

hello my name is principal badge for web hello my name is hall pass teacher badge for web hello my name is seating chart teacher badge for w hello my name is talk listen teacher badge for web hello my name is english teacher badge for web hello my name is homeroom teacher badge for web hello my name is math teacher badge for web hello my name is science teacher badge for web


"Teacher: Seating Chart"

"Teacher: Talk/Listen"

"Teacher: Hall Pass"

"Science Teacher"

"English Teacher"

"Math Teacher"

"Teacher: Homeroom"

"Baby Name" Series

baby name ava for web baby name emma for web baby name ethan for web baby name liam for web baby name mason for web baby name noah for web baby name olivia for web baby name sophia for web









 "Airplane Series"

GST1257 full steam ahead 24 x 24 low res GST1258 ship shape 24 x 18 low res GST1259 the world is your video game 18 x 24 low r GST1389 When I grow up... 24x24 lo res

 "The World is Your Video Game"

 "When I Grow Up..."

 "Full Steam Ahead"

 "Ship Shape"

GST1559 Clever 12x12 lo res GST1560 Brave 12x12 lo res GST1561 Kind 12x12 lo res GST1562 You Only See with the Heart 18x24 lo res GST1563 You Become Responsible Forever 18x24 lo re

 "You Become Responsible Forever"

 "You Only See With The Heart"




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