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Puzzle no further!

While planning what's INSIDE the box...think OUTSIDE the box!  

Here are the missing pieces your puzzle line has been waiting for!


animals of canada low res Antique Sail the Ocean Blue puzzle 16x20 lo res art supply bonanza puzzle low res Artist's Dream Collage Puzzle 16x20 lo res BAIT and TACKLE puzzle 16x20 lo res Bits & Bobs puzzle 16x20 graphic color lo res Boardwalk Sweet Dreams 16x20 lo res Buoy Barn 16x20 lo res Eat Your Veggies Puzzle 16x20 lo res Fiori Puzzle 16x20 lo res frisco puzzle low res Linens and Lace puzzle 16x20 lo res New England Autumn puzzle 16x20 lo res Petals of Prettiness lo res Seafaring puzzle16x20 lo res surfing only puzzle low res Steampunk'ed puzzle lo res Tin Toy World puzzle 16x20 lo res up up and away puzzle low res Vancouver Victoria 16x20 puzzle lo res Vintage Christmas puzzle 16x20 lo res Vintage Seaside puzzle 16x20 final lo res whats for lunch puzzle low res Woodstock 50 Years 16x20 puzzle lo res your favorite bouquet puzzle low res San Francisco Greetings 18x24 lo res penny candy extravaganza lo res Candy Box midtones lighter lo res Found Treasures 16x20 lo res Shell Scoop 16x20 lo res Shell Souvenirs puzzle 16x20 lo res Food Glorious Food puzzle 16x20 final lo res The Fair City  Dublin lo res I Heart Paris lo res NYC Summer in the City lo res

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 "Penny Candy Extravaganza"

 "Candy Box"

 "Antique Sail the Ocean Blue"

 "Linens and Lace"

 "New England Autumn"



 "Surfing Only"

 "Bits & Bobs"

 "Animals of Canada"

 "Ocean Waters Agate"

 "Found Treasures"

 "Petals of Prettiness"

 "Vancouver Victoria"

 "Vintage Christmas"

 "Found Treasures"

 "Vintage Seaside"

 "What's For Lunch"

 "Woodstock 50 Years"

 "Tin Toy World"

 "Your Favorite Bouquet"


"San Francisco Greetings"

"I Heart Paris"

 "The Fair City Dublin"

 "Painted Butterfly Shells"

 "Shell Scoop"

 "Shell Souvenirs"

"My Beading Heart"

 "Up, Up and Away"

 "Art Supply Bonanza"

 "Artist's Dream"

"Bait & Tackle"

 "Boardwalk Sweet Dreams"

"Buoy Barn"

 "Eat Your Veggies"


"Painted Glass from a Chihuly Ceiling"

flowers are love

 "Flowers are Love"

nyc take a bite puzzle

"NYC Take a Bite"

"Summer in the City"

 "Food, Glorious Food"

Return to Home United We Eat low res Viva Italia low res En El Barrio low res BBQ and Blues puzzle low res

 Light Up the Town Collection

"BBQ & Blues"

 Light Up the Town Collection

"United We Eat"

 Light Up the Town Collection

"Viva Italia"

 Light Up the Town Collection "En el Barrio"


Coming in January -


Painted Glass from a Chihuly ceiling Puzzle 16x20 Love you More My Beading Heart Puzzle lo res Painted Butterfly Shells Puzzle lo res Butterflies Skies lo res Feathered Friends lo res Field of Flowers lo res

 "Nature's Bright & Beautiful

Feathered Friends"

 "Nature's Bright & Beautiful

Butterfly Skies"

 "Nature's Bright & Beautiful

Field of Flowers"