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Whether you post these work manifestos as a reminder to yourself or for the 'benefit' of others,

the nuggets of truth behind these tongue-in-cheek sayings are spot on!

Inspire your employees, wow your customers, or just have a little chuckle

with this variety pack of Office art.  

The best money you ever spent on a purchase order! 

 "Kiss Me Goodnight"

gorilla wisdom for web tiger tenacity for web Edison quote c Einstein quote c

 "If We Did...Edison quote"

 "If You Can't Explain...Einstein quote"

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elephant strength for web

"Go Out & Get It"

"A Little More Effort"

"Pay You Anyway"

golf wisdom divots for web golf wisdom fairway for web golf wisdom follow through for web golf wisdom rough for web a little more effort for web go out and get it for web pay you anyway for web good manners for web a phone call

 "A Phone Call"

 "Good Manners"

Make your own...

Shut up...

I seemed to...

Work hard...

shut up on black c shut up on barnwood c I seemed to have on black c I seemed to have barnwood c make your own on black c make your own on barnwood c work hard on black c work hard on barnwood c

I seemed to...

Make your own...

Work hard...

Shut up...

Work Series on Black

Work Series on Barnwood

hello my name is receptionist badge for web hello my name is sales rep badge for web hello my name is manager badge for web hello my name is employee for web hello my name is administrator badge for web hello my name is leader for web

"Sales Rep"






Golf Wisdom Series

Animal Wisdom Series

Old-School Biz Series

Notes from the Big Kahuna Series

Hello My Name Is Series


 "In the Long History...Darwin quote"

 "Fix Your Divots"

 "Find the Fairway"

 "Keep Out of the Rough"

 "Follow Through"

GST738 Einstein plaid lo res GST739 Einstein It's not that I'm so smart lo res

 "Once You Can Accept...Einstein quote"

 "It's Not That I'm So Smart...Einstein quote"

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