Graffi*tee Studios

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Are you a child of the '60's or '70's?

How 'bout the just plain 420's?

Go green with these back to nature, smokin' hot-off-the-presses newbies.

Whether you want to fire up your walls with some edgy subject matter

or show some botanical cannabis elegance,

these buzzy pieces will have a strain that's just right for you.

It's a jungle out there. Why not bring your jungle inside?

Sit back, enjoy them and pass it on.  

Ⓒ Copyright 2010 Graffi*tee Studios.  

All rights reserved.



"Green Green Grass Burnished"

"Cultivate Your Best Life"

Return to Art Home Page Green Green Grass Burnished 30x40 lo res Cultivate your Best Life burnished 30x40 lo res heavy metal cannabis 24x24 low res Acapulco Gold for wall decor 24x24 low res Cannabineae Sativa Botanical in Blueprint 30x40 lo cannabis flower in chalks 24x36 low res Cannabis Plants 1 Green Glow 24x24 lo res cannabis sativa vintage botanical illustration 24x cannabis still life in black and white 2 24x36 low cannabis still life in black and white 3 24x36 low cannabis still life in black and white 4 23x36 low El Dorado for wall decor 24x24 low res give hemp a chance low res la vie est haute low res life is full of choices square 24x24 low res March of the Gummies 22x28 lo res marijuana leaf on red batik print 24x36 lo res Peace music herb Herbal green 18x24 lo res Purple Haze 20x20 lo res Vintage Cannabis Indica Bottle 18x24 lo res Cannabineae Sativa No. 1 Botanical in Blueprint 30 Cannabis Plant 2 Green Glow 24x 24 lo res

"With Liberty and Weed for All"

"License Plate 420"

"Cannabis Still Life 1"

"Born to Blaze"

"El Dorado"

"La Vie Est Haute"

"Acapulco Gold"

"Give Hemp a Chance"

"Life is Full of Choices"

"Vintage Cannabis Indica Bottle"

"Cannabineae Sativa No.1"

"Panama Red"

"Cannabis Plants 1"

"Cannabineae Sativa No.2"

"Cannabis Plants 2"

"Cannabis Sativa Vintage

Botanical Illustration"

"March of the Gummies"

"Marijuana Leaf on Red Batik"

"Purple Haze"

"Cannabis Blaze Stained Glass"

"Heavy Metal Cannabis"

"Cannabis Flower in Chalks"

"Peace Music Herb"

"Cannabis Still Life

in Black & White 4"

"Cannabis Still Life

in Black & White 3"

"Cannabis Still Life

in Black & White 2"

Panama Red for wall decor 24x24 low res born to blaze lifestyle living room Sepia LIH Wall Decor Green Grass Cultivate With liberty lifestyle LIH license plate 420 wall art lifestyle license plate 420 wall art 24x24 lo res with liberty and weed for all for wall decor 18x24 Born to Blaze 24x36 lo res Cannibus still life lifestyle LIH Cannabis Still Life 1 30x40 lo res LIH Blueprint wall decor lifestyle indica and sativa leaf watercolor lifestyle cannibus blaz stained glass lifestyle Purple Haze lifestyle LIH leaf red batik lifestyle LIH cannabis blaze stained glass 24x24 low res