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Masters of beauty, technique and vision -

these artists, whose brush to canvas captured a moment,  live on today.

Add a touch of sophistication to your home with one or more of these refined lovliest of lovelies.  

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"Museum Reproductions"

GST951 A Moroccan Street Scene John Singer Sargent GST954 Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects b GST948 Brooklyn Bridge by Joseph Stella c1919 24x2 GST950 The Waterfall Wassily Kandinsky 1909 18x24 GST949 Jungle Foliage by Joseph Stella c1918 18x24 GST952 Still Life with Roses Henri Fantin-Latour 1 GST947 Battle of Lights,ConeyIsland, Mardi Gras c1 GST953 The Artist's Garden in Giverny 1900 Monet 2

 "A Morrocan Street Scene"

by John Singer Sargent

 "Brooklyn Bridge"

by Joseph Stella

 "Battle of Lights,

Coney Island, Mardi Gras"

by Joseph Stella

 "The Artist's Garden in Giverney"

by Monet

 "Jungle Foliage"

by Joseph Stella

 "Flowers in a Vase with Shells and Insects"

by Balthasar va der Ast

 "The Waterfall"

by Wassily Kandinsky

 "Still Life with Roses"

by Henri Fantintour

GST1169 Solo Harp 24x24 lo res

 "Solo Harp"

Return to Art Home Page GST1823 two pears lo res GST1824 Still Life Blueberries lo res GST1825 Still Life Cherries lo res GST1826 Still Life Clemetines lo res GST1827 Still Life Granny Smith Apples lo res GST1828 Still Life Grapes lo res GST1829 Still Life Pear Rasp lo res GST1830 Still Life Pineapple lo res GST1831 Still Life Plums lo res GST1832 Still Life Red Pears lo res GST1833 Still Life Strawberries Lime Blueb lo res GST1834 Still Life Watermelon fruits lo res GST1835 Artichoke and Lemons lo res GST1836 Carrots lo res GST1837 Cheeses lo res GST1838 Cream and Sugar lo res GST1840 Mushrooms lo res GST1842 Radishes lo res GST1843 San Marzano Tomato Can lo res GST1844 Seafood lo res GST1845 Watermelons lo res GST1846 Prawns lo res GST1847 Vegetable Bowl lo res

 "Two Pears Still Life"


 "Blueberries Still Life"


 "Granny Smith Apples Still Life"


 "Grapes Still Life"


 "San Marzano Tomato Can Still Life"


 "Red Pears Still Life"


 "Plums Still Life"


 "Clemetines Still Life"


 "Cherries Still Life"


 "Pineapple Still Life"


 "Mushrooms Still Life"


 "Cream & Sugar Still Life"


 "Pear Raspberries Still Life"


 "Watermelon Fruits Still Life"


 "Strawberries Lime Blueberries Still Life"


 "Radishes Still Life"


 "Artichoke and Lemons Still Life"


 "Carrots Still Life"










 "Vegetable Bowl"