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Kessler  White

 "Kiss Me Goodnight"

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Born out of a desire to simplify, Kessler White is an organic offshoot of Graffi*tee Studios. This thoughtfully curated collection is meant to inspire a calming respite from the crazy cacophony of everyday life.  The tranquil, refined images in this collection have the breath, depth and air that refreshes the spirit.



KWD008 Fenced In 18x24 lo res KWD002 Fogged in at the Bay 24x18 lo res KWD003 Cottage #9 soft wash 24x36 lo res KWD004 Ocean Study b&w 1 24x36 lo res KWD005 Ocean Study b&w 2 24x36 lo res KWD006 Ocean Study b&w 3 24x36 lo res KWD007 Ocean Study b&w 4 24x36 lo res KWD001 Closed for the Season painted 24x36 lo res KWD009 Storm passing on Cannon Beach 24x36 lo res KWD010 Neptune's Gaze  24x36 lo res KWD011 Oceanside Meditation 24x36 lo res KWD012 Hammock Shop 24x36 lo res KWD013 Ocean Mist 24x36 lo res KWD014 Young's Fish Market 18x24 lo res

"Fogged in at the Beach"

"Cottage #9"

"Closed for the Season"

"Neptune's Gaze"

"Storm Passing on Cannon Beach"

"Young's Fish Market"

"Hammock Shop"

"Ocean Study B&W 1"

"Ocean Study B&W 3"

"Ocean Study B&W 2"

"Ocean Study B&W 4"

"Ocean Mist"

"Oceanside Meditation"

"Fenced In"

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