Graffi*tee Studios

Whether you're an avid collector or these guys just catch your fancy,

scoop up these natural wonders and bring a bit of the sea back home.

Find just the right tone for your walls.  

Lush, rich colors with no stooping or nets required.  

Just for the Shell of it

 "Murex on Coral"

 "Ammonite on Coral"

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spider conch in indigo c lightening whelk in indigo c murex on coral c Ammonite on coral c cone blue c cone in indigo c Lightening Whelk in gray Green c Junonia in gray green c fiber conch blue c fiber conch in indigo c junonia blue c junonia in indigo c lightening whelk blue c snail shell in gray green c snail shell blue c snail shell in indigo c spider conch in gray green c spider conch blue c Fiber Conch in Gray Green c Cone in gray green c

Shells in Indigo

 "Cone in Indigo"

 "Fiber Conch in Indigo"

"Lightening Whelk in Indigo"

"Spider Conch in Indigo"

"Junonia in Indigo"

"Snail Shell in Indigo"

Shells in Gray Green

"Spider Conch in Gray Green"

"Junonia in Gray Green"

"Snail Shell in Gray Green"

 "Fiber Conch in Gray Green"

 "Cone in Gray Green"

"Lightening Whelk in Gray Green"

Shells on Blue

"Spider Conch on Blue"

"Junonia on Blue"

"Snail Shell on Blue"

 "Fiber Conch on Blue"

 "Cone on Blue"

"Lightening Whelk on Blue"

GST1000 White & Aqua Shells  painted 18x24 lo res GST1077 Sand Dollars and Starfish 18x24 lo res

 "White and Aqua Shells"

 "Sand Dollars and Starfish"

GST900 Coral Scallops painted 30x40 lo res GST896 Coral Starfish and Shells painted 30x40 lo GST895 Coral Scallop and White Shells painted 30x4

 "Coral Scallop and White Seashells"

 "Coral Scallops"

 "Coral Starfish and Shells"

GST1076 Resting Spot 24x36 lo res GST1144 Cherry Stones 18x24 lo res GST1088 Abalone Shells 18x24 lo res GST1087 Baby Blue Cockle 24x24 lo res GST1019 mama starfish 24 x 24 low res

 "Abalone Shells"

 "Baby Blue Cockle"

 "Mama Starfish"

 "Resting Spot"

 "Cherry Stones"

GST1685 Nautilus Shells painted 24x36 lo res

 "Nautilus Shells painted"

Return to Art Home Page GST1901 Simply Shell Tulip Classic Blue 20x20 lo r GST1902 Simply Shell Scallop Classic Blue 20x20 lo GST1903 Simply Shell Horse Conch Classic Blue 20x2 GST1904 Simply Shell Starfish Classic Blue 20x20 l GST1905 Simply Snail Snail Classic Blue 20x20 lo r

 "Simply Shell Horsh Conch Classic Blue"

 "Simply Shell Starfish Classic Blue"

 "Simply Shell Scallop Classic Blue"

 "Simply Shell Tulip Classic Blue"

 "Simply Shell Snail Classic Blue"