Graffi*tee Studios


Exposed to grit, grime and time,

the most ordinary objects truly become objets 'd art-

full of weight and substance.  

Contrast these with the lighthearted fun of vintage retro

-and yet both so hip, both so cool.

industrial Scissor and Buttons c industrial gears c industrial valves c

"Open Valve"

"Scissor & Buttons"

"Industrial Gears"

"Industrial Valves"

Ⓒ Copyright 2010 Graffi*tee Studios.  

All rights reserved.



Industrial Open Valve c arcade theater c edison theatre c hostess will seat you c Hotel Hartland c fried gator tail c Pop Soup c Lobster Pot neon sign c Sit at the Counter c

"Sit at the Counter"

"Hostess will Seat You"

"Edison Theatre"

"Arcade Theatre"

"Fried Gator Tail"

"Pop Soup"

"Hotel Hartland"

"Lobster Pot neon sign"

GST789 GST790 GST791

"Visit the Zoo Elephant"

"Visit the Zoo Polar Bear"

"Visit the Zoo Hippo"

GST788 coffe shop sign painted lo res

"Coffee Shop"

"My Beading Heart"

GST939 siempre esperando 18 x 24 low res GST1148 Steampunk Unleash your Imagination 24x24 l GST1147 Lusting to Wander 24x24 lo res GST1192 Moderne Brass Reflections lo res GST1191 Moderne Chrome Deco lo res

 "Lusting to Wander"

 "Steampunk Unleash Your Imagination"

 "Moderne Brass Reflections"

 "Siempre Esperando"

 "Moderne Chrome Deco"

GST1146 Check R Out 18x24 lo res GST1114 Kilmainham Gaol 30x40 lo res

 "Check R Out"

 "Kilmainham Gaol"

GST972 Route 66 sign 24x24 lo res GST971 Get Your Kicks... 24x24 lo res

 "Get Your Kicks"

 "Route 66 Sign"

GST1011 the breeze 24 x 24 low res GST982 great ride great view 36 x 24 low res

 "Great Ride Great View"

 "The Breeze"

GST978 Under the Big Top 18x24 lo res

 "Under the Big Top"

GST1271 Blue Star Hot Air Balloon lo res GST1272 L'Aeronautique 18x24 lo res GST1273 Red Striped Ballon 18x24 lo res GST1375 rough and tumble buoys 24 x 18 low res GST1412 california sunshine 24 x 18 low res

"California Sunshine"

 "Rough & Tumble Buoys"

GST1388 Anatomy of the Human Body lo res


 "Au Champs du Mars"

 "Blue Star Hot Air Balloon"

 "Anatomy of the Human Body"

GST1504 Go Hog Wild low res

 "Go Hog Wild"

GST1602 CAFE 10x30 lo res GST1603 Coffee Shop Open 24 Hrs 24x24 lo res GST1566 Roy's Route 66 to Palm Springs 24x18 wall GST1565 rabbit ears motel steamboat springs 24x18

 "Coffee Shop Open 24 Hrs"


 "Rabbit Ears Motel"

 "Roy's Route 66 to Palm Springs"

GST1503 top o the mountain to ya low res

"Top 'O the Mountain to Ya"

Return to Art Home Page GST1741 Painted Bleu #1 30x40 lo res GST1742 Painted Bleu #2 30x40 lo res GST1743 Painted Bleu #3 lo res GST1744 Painted Bleu #4 30x40 lo res GST1747 Denim Blue All Stars 24x24 lo res GST1748 Vintage Chuck Taylors painted 24x24 lo res GST1754 Boho Dream Car 24x24 lo res

 "Painted Bleu #1"

 "Painted Bleu #2"

 "Painted Bleu #3"

 "Painted Bleu #4"

 "Boho Dream Car"

 "Denim Blue All Stars"

 "Vintage Chuck Taylors"