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GST1369 Elisabeth's Garden 18 x 24 low res GST1298 Woman Admiring Roses 18x24 lo res


Breathe in this veritable bouquet of heavenly delights.  

"A rose by any other name" may "smell as sweet,"

but these florals will enchant your eyes with true visions of loveliness.

God''s other enchanting creations are represented here as well.  

 "Summer Garden Wisdom"

 "Hydrangea Signs"

shine like the sun for web reveal your beauty for web open your soul for web bloom where planted for web

 "Love's Truest Language"

 "Endless Summer"

Garden Magic c

 "Garden Magic"

cottage garden by the sea c

 "Cottage Garden by the Sea"

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All rights reserved.



Peacock 1 c

 "Pair of Peacocks"

peacock 2 c

 "Frutas Tropicales"





pink poppy large c

 "Coral Poppy"

Opisthoteuthis extensa c Histioteuthis reversa c Cirrothauma Murrayi c Vampyroteuthis infernalis c Polypus levis Hoyle c


Velodona togata c

 "Vampyroteuthis infernalis"

 "Cirrothauma murrayi"

 "Histioteuthis reversa"

 "Velodona togata"

 "Polypus levis Hoyle"

 "Opisthoteuthis extensa"

 "Peacock 1"

 "Peacock 2"

cobalt floral c 1 cobalt floral c 5 cobalt floral c 2 cobalt floral c 3 cobalt floral c 4 cobalt floral c 6

 "Cobalt Rose Closeup"

 "Cobalt Pansy"

 "Cobalt Lily"

 "Cobalt Johnson Geranium"

 "Cobalt Sunflower"

 "Cobalt Rosebud"

painted daisy c

 "Painted Daisy"

 "Cobalt floral series"

Cape Cod Salt Marsh Triptych

 "Cape Cod Salt Marsh Triptych"

Haekel crinnoid c Haeckel Pannatulida c

"Haeckel Crinoid"

"Haeckel Pannatulida"

pink poppies lo res

 "Pink Poppies"

purity lotus flower lo res

 "Purity Lotus Flower"

 "Cottage Garden"

 "Summer Splendor"

Ferns in Blue 2 lo res

 "Ferns in Blue 1"

 "Ferns in Blue 2"

Fragmenta botanica plates 01 Aloe Serra 6x6 final Fragmenta botanica plates 02 6x6 final lo res GST765 Haeckel_Trochilidae lo res GST764 Haeckel_Filicinae Palm aqua background lo res

 "Haeckel Trochilidae"

 "Haeckel Filicinae Palm"

Haeckel_Anthomedusae 12x16 final lo res Haeckel_Copepoda 12x16 final lo res

 "Fragmenta Botanica Plate 1"

 "Fragmenta Botanica Plate 2"

Haeckel_Campanariae 1904 12x16 lo res Haeckel_Bryozoa 1904 12x16 final lo res

 "Haeckel Bryozoa"

 "Haeckel Campanariae"

 "Haeckel Anthomedusae"

 "Haeckel Copepoda"

White flower dew drop 2 12x16 final lo res White flower dew drop 1 12x16 final lo res

 "White Flower Dew Drop 2"

 "White Flower Dew Drop 1"

Haeckel_Nepenthaceae 1904 12x16 final lo res Haeckel_Hepaticae 1904 12x16 final lo res

 "Haeckel Nepenthaceae"

 "Haeckel Hepaticae "

Ferns in Blue 1 lo res GST314 Endless Summer low res GST316 Love's Truest Language redo new font lo res

 "Wood Stones"

GST915 Ferns Painted 1 18x24 lo res GST918 Tropical Leaves 18x24 lo res GST917 Palm Frond on Pink 24x24 lo res GST916 Ferns Painted 2 18x24 lo res GST957 Palm Frond close up 18x24 lo res GST955 Wood Stones 18x24 lo res

 "Tropical Leaves"

 "Palm Frond on Pink"

 "Palm Frond Closeup"

 "Ferns Painted 2"

 "Ferns Painted 1"

GST1097 Heliobore 2 18x24 lo res GST1096 Heliobore 1 18x24 lo res GST1100 Matilija Poppies painted 20x30 lo res GST994 spring sedum 24 x 24 low res GST993 summer sedum 36 x 24 low res GST992 winter sedum 24 x 24 low res

 "Heliobore 1"

 "Matilija Poppies"

 "Heliobore 2"

 "Summer Sedum"

 "Winter Sedum"

 "Spring Sedum"

GST1092 Aubergine Tulips painted 30x40 lo res GST1095 Dromoland Gardens 18x24 lo res GST1102 Moon Bridge 18x24 lo res GST1108 Water lilies a la Monet 24x36 lo res GST1157 Rose in Bloom 18x24 lo res GST1156 Rosy Glow 18x24 lo res

 "Rose in Bloom"

 "Rosy Glow"

 "Dromoland Gardens"

 "Water Lilies a la Monet"

 "Moon Bridge"

 "Aubergine Tulips"

GST1009 rose in sunshine 24 x 18 low res GST1094 Coneflower painted 18x24 lo res GST1093 Bee Happy painted 20x20 lo res GST959 Purple Lotus Flower 18x24 lo res

 "Bee Happy"

"A Rose is a Rose"


 "Purple Lotus Flower"

 "Rose in Sunshine"

GST1098 Irises of Loire Valley lo res GST1101 Miracle of a single flower 18x24 lo res GST1104 Purple Violets 18x24 lo res GST1106 Sunflowers for sale 18x24 lo res GST1107 Tulips in Springtime painted 30x40 lo res GST960 Cherry Blossoms painted on aqua 24x24 lo re GST1187 Welcome Back Spring lo res

 "Tulips in Springtime"

 "Sunflowers for Sale"

 "Miracle of a Single Flower"

 "Purple Violets"

 "Welcome Back Spring"

 "Irises of the Loire Valley"

 "Cherry Blossoms on Aqua"

GST1006 lace cap hydrangea 24 x 18 low res GST1103 Pretty in Pink 18x24 lo res GST936 paeonia impasto low res

 "Scarlet Tree"

 "Lace Cap Hydrangea"

 "Paeonia Impasto"

"Pretty in Pink"

GST1188 Scarlet Tree 24x36 lo res GST1007 pete's daffodils 24 x 18 low res GST1010 sun flower hug 30 x 40 low res GST1013 tulip neighborhood watch 24 x 18 low res GST1099 Just Dandy 24x24 lo res

 "Sunflower Hug"

 "Just Dandy"

 "Tulip Neighborhood Watch"

 "Pete's Daffodils"

GST1178 Emerald Hummingbirds painted 16x20 lo res

"Emerald Hummingbirds Painted"

GST1056 Staring Contest 18x24 lo res GST1058 battery park pier painted 22x28 lo res GST1043 Waiting for Lunch 18x24 lo res GST1046 bird talk painted panel 1 20x36 lo res GST1042 White Pelicans 9x30 lo res GST990 snowy owl sighting 24 x 32 low res GST991 in a mood 24 x 18 low res

"Battery Park Pier Painted"

"Bird Talk Diptych"

"Waiting for Lunch"

"Staring Contest"

"White Pelicans"

"Snowy Owl Sighting"

"In A Mood"

GST1060 Seagull Perch painted 18x24 lo res GST1047 bird talk painted panel 2 20x36 lo res GST956 Roseate Spoonbill painted 18x24 lo res GST988 spoonbill and friends 48 x 16 low res

"Seagull Perch"

"Spoonbill and Friends"

"Roseate Spoonbill"

GST1057 American Avocet painted 24x36 lo res GST1061 Great Heron 18x24 lo res GST1045 Sandpiper painted lo res GST981 snowy owl at coast guard beach 54 x 18 low

"Sandpiper Painted"

"Snowy Owl at Coast Guard Beach"

"American Avocet"

"Great Heron"

GST1017 galapagos blue-footed booby lecture 24 x 1 GST1041 Ladybug Luck 24x24 lo res GST1054 butterfly closeup 24x24 lo res GST1044 Butterfly on Pineapple 18x24 lo res

"Galapagos Finch"

"Galapagos Blue-footed Booby Lecture"

"Ladybug Luck"

"Butterfly Closeup"

GST1040 European Robin 24x24 lo res

"European Robin"

"Butterfly on Pineapple"

GST1342 Three Poppies in Blue 18x24 lo res GST1370 floral sorbet 18 x 24 low res GST1404 biggest and best zinnias 16 x 24 low res GST1405 california giant ranunculus 16 x 24 low re GST1406 winter and spring sweet peas 16 x 24 low r

 "Three Poppies in Blue"

 "Inner Beauty"

 "Open your Soul"

 "Shine Like the Sun"

 "Bloom Where You are Planted"

 "California Giant Ranunculus"

 "Winter and Spring Sweet Peas"

 "Biggest and Best Zinnias"

 "Elisabeth's Garden"

 "Woman Admiring Roses"

 "Floral Sorbet"

GST1470 Orchids Painted on black 44x56 lo res GST1469 Black Floral bouquet painted 24x24 lo res GST1471 Floral Brocade 18x24 lo res

 "Orchids Painted on Black 44x56"

 "Black Floral Bouquet 24x24"

 "Floral Brocade 18x24"

GST1507 still life with hydrangeas and buoy 18x24 GST1568 Fleur de Tulipe No 1 24x24 lo res GST1569 Fleur de Tulipe No 2 24x24 lo res GST1570 Fleur de Tulipe No 3 24x24 lo res GST1571 Aubergine Hydrangea painted 18x24 lo res GST1574 Papaver by Lindley 18x24 lo res GST1575 Papaver Rhoeas painted 18x24 lo res GST1576 Apple Blossom 24x24 lo res GST1577 White Hydrangea blossom 24x24 lo res GST1578 Tulip Bouquet 18x24 lo res GST1579 butterfly spring awakening 24x18 wall art GST1580 cloisonne vase with fern still life 18x24 GST1582 Spring peonies 1 24x24 lo res GST1583 Spring peonies 2 24x24 lo res GST1584 Emerald Butterflies 24x36 lo res GST1591 peonies on black and white stripes 18x24 w GST1616 Soup tureen with Lemons 24x24 lo res GST1617 Vase with Flowers 24x24 lo res GST1618 China Blue Pitcher with Blossoms 24x24 lo GST1615 Cup with Roses 24x24 lo res GST1614 roses in chinoiserie vase still life 18x24 GST1613 irises in chinoiserie vase still life 18x2 GST1612 hydrangea in chinoiserie vase still life 1 GST1611 peonies in chinoiserie vase still life 18x

 "Papaver Rhoeas painted"

 "Cloisonne vase with Ferns"

 "Papaver by Lindley painted"

 "Aubergine Hydrangea painted"

 "White Hydrangea Blossom"

 "Still Life with Hydrangea and Buoy"

 "Apple Blossom"

 "Vase with Flowers"

"Soup Tureen with Lemons"

 "Cup with Roses"

 "China Blue Pitcher with Blossoms"

 "Irises in Chinoiserie Vase Still Life"

 "Emerald Butterflies"

 "Butterfly Spring Awakening"

 "Peonies on Black and White Stripes"

 "Fleur de Tulipe No. 1"

 "Fleur de Tulipe No. 2"

 "Fleur de Tulipe No. 3"

 "Spring Peonies 2"

 "Tulip Bouquet"

"Spring Peonies 1"

"Roses in Chinoiserie Vase Still Life"

 "Peonies in Chinoiserie Vase Still Life"

 "Hydrangea in Chinoiserie Vase Still Life"

GST1686 Water Lily Reflection 30x40 lo res GST1678 Luminescent Water Lily 30x40 lo res GST1662 Picking Wildflowers24x36 lo res GST1661 Green Succulent after Rain 18x24 lo res GST1640 fresh pressed vintage farmhouse sunflower GST1643 fresh pressed vintage cosmos 36x24 wall ar

"Luminescent Water Lily"

"Picking Wild Flowers"

"Water Lily Reflection"

"Green Succulent After Rain"

"Floras Sillius

World's Best Mum"

 "Fresh Pressed Vintage Lotus Blossom"

 "Fresh Pressed Vintage Roadside Sunflower"

 "Fresh Pressed Vintage Sunflower"

 "Fresh Pressed Vintage Farmhouse Sunflower"

 "Fresh Pressed Vintage Cosmos"

GST1683 Sure to Grow Seed Catalogue 22x28 lo res

 "Sure to Grow Seed Catalogue"

Return to Art Home Page GST1688 Hummingbird at Flower lo res GST1689 Hummingbird on Branch 22x28 lo res GST1690 Hummingbird Side View 22x28 lo res GST1695 Ball Jar Floral Bouquet 22x28 lo res GST1755 yellow truck w flowers 18x24 painted lo re GST1760 Girl in Rose Garden 18x24 lo res GST1761 Chateau Gardens 18x24 lo res GST1762 Irises in Bloom 18x24 lo res GST1764 Red Poppies in Field 24x36 lo res GST1771 Flowering Cactus Redoute 18x24 lo res GST1738 Mushroom Bloom 24x24 lo res GST1739 Mushroom Buttons 24x24 lo res GST1740 Mushroom Harvest 22x28 lo res GST1711 Agaricus Volvaceus 8x16 lo res GST1710 Agaricus Gambosus 8x16 lo res

"Peony Embrace"

"Yellow Truck with Flowers"

"Cascading Sunflowers"

"Girl in Rose Garden"

"Hummingbird at Flower"

"Hummingbird Side View"

"Chateau Gardens"

"Still Life with Sunflowers, Alstroemeria & Holly"

"Ball Jar Floral Bouquet"

"Hummingbird on Branch"

"Red Poppies in Field"

"Irises in Bloom"

"Hydrangeas with Bird Bath"

"Flowering Cactus Redoute"

"Blue Jean Sedum"

"Mushroom Buttons"

"Mushroom Harvest"

"Mushroom Bloom"

"Agaricus Volvaceus"

"Agaricus Gambosus"

GST1802 French Florals La Boutique de Fleurs 24x24 GST1803 French Floral Marche de Jardin 24x24 lo re GST1804 French Florals Rue de Rennes 24x24 lo res GST1801 French Floral Carte Postale 24x24 lo res

"French Floral

Rue de Rennes"

"French Floral

La Boutique de Fleurs"

"French Floral

Marche de Jardin"

"French Floral

Carte Postale"

GST1870 Bouquet of Lovelies 22x28 lo res GST1873 Pink Floral Still Life 24x24 lo res

"Bouquet of Lovelies"

"Pink Floral Still Life"

GST1934 Flower Bouquet New Take van Dael 40x40 lo GST1932 Bouquet de fleurs New Take van Spaendonck GST1933 Flowers and Fruits New Take van Huysum 40x GST1936 Floral New Take van Huysum 40x40 lo res GST1935 Flowers New Take HG Knip 40x40 lo res

"Flowers & Fruits

New Take van Huysum"

"Floral New Take

van Huysum"

"Bouquet de Fleurs

New Take van Spaendonck"


New Take HG Knip"

"Flower Bouquet

New Take van Dael"

GST1951 My Water Lilies 24x36 lo res GST1952 Monets Reflections painted 24x24 lo res

"My Water Lilies"

"Monet's Reflections painted"

"Back Light Palm Frond Line Art"

"Back Light Bird of Paradise Line Art"

"Back Light Hydrangea    Line Art"

"Back Light Seaweed Line Art"

"Back Light Beach Rose

Line Art"

GST1881 Wall fern in copper 24x36 lo res GST1882 Native Fern of US in copper 24x36 w text l GST1883 Fern in White #1 18x24 lo res GST1884 Fern in White #2 18x24 lo res GST1885 Fern in White #3 18x24 lo res GST1924 Juniper Branch negative 24x36 lo res GST1925 Juniper with Berries negative 24x36 lo res GST1927 Black Oak Leaf 24x36 lo res GST1928 Black Walnut 24x36 lo res GST1926 Indian Ferns 18x24 lo res GST1912 lemon branch with butterfly 24x36 low res GST1916 Limonium 24x24 low res GST1915 Limonier 24x24 low res GST1891 Lemon Branch 24x24 lo res GST1890 Barnyard Friends Rooster 20x20 lo res GST1887 Barnyard Friends Calf 20x20 lo res GST1889 Barnyard Friends Goose 20x20 lo res GST1888 Barnyard Friends Hare 20x20 lo res GST1886 Vintage Dreer's Cosmos 40x40 lo res GST1900 Iris Persica 18x24 lo res GST1899 Vintage Dreer's Poppy sketched 40x40 lo re GST1923 Blue China Teapot 18x24 lo res GST1919 french sunflowers 24x24 low res

"French Sunflowers"

"Iris Persica"

"Vintage Blue Basket"

"Blue China Teapot"

"Ranuculus Bouquet 1"

"Ranuculus Bouquet 2"

"Vintage Dreer's Poppy"

"Vintage Dreer's Cosmos"

"Barnyard Friends Goose"

"Barnyard Friends Rooster"

"Barnyard Friends Hare"

"Barnyard Friends Calf"

"Lemon Branch"



"Lemon Branch with Butterfly"

"Indian Ferns"

"Black Walnut"

"Black Oak Leaf"

"Juniper with Berries"

"Juniper Branch"

"Wall Fern in Copper"

"Native Fern of US in Copper"

"Fern in White #1"

"Fern in White #2"

"Fern in White #3"

GST1892 Mixed Bouquet in Aqua Bowl 24x24 lo res GST1893 Peonies in Blue Ginger Jar 18x24 lo res

"Mixed Bouquet in Aqua Bowl"

"Peonies in Ginger Jar"

GST1907 back light palm frond line art 12x12 low r GST1906 back light seaweed line art 12x12 original GST1908-back-light-hydrangea-linear-motion-12x12-o GST1909 back light bird of paradise linear motion GST1910 back light beach rose linear motion 12x12 GST1917-ranunculus-bouquet-1-24x24-low-res GST1918-ranunculus-bouquet-2-24x24-low-res GST1922-vintage-blue-basket-12x12-low-res GST1781-peony-embrace-24x48-oil-painting-low-res GST1773 cascading-sunflowers-18x24-low-res GST1787-still-life-with-sunflowers,-alstroemeria-a GST1778-hydrangeas-with-bird-bath-24x36-low-res-re GST1794-blue-jean-sedum-24x36-low-res GST1647-floras-sillius-world's-best-mum-12x12-wall GST1648-floras-sillius-soak-up-the-sunflowers-12x1 GST1649-floras-sillius-don't-be-your-own-worst-ane GST1650-floras-sillius-dont-be-ranunculus-12x12-wa GST1651-floras-sillius-one-carnation-under-God-12x GST1652-floras-sillius-everythings-just-rosy-12x12 GST1653-floras-sillius-iris-you-were-here-12x12-wa GST1654-floras-sillius-gladiolus-to-see-you-12x12-

"Floras Sillius

Your Own Worst Anenome"

"Floras Sillius

Soak Up the Sunflowers"

"Floras Sillius

Don't be Ranunculus"

"Floras Sillius

One Carnation Under God"

"Floras Sillius

Everything's Just Rosy"

"Floras Sillius

Always Gladiolus to See You"

"Floras Sillius

Iris You Were Here"

GST1639 fresh pressed vintage roadside sunflower 1 GST1640-fresh-pressed-vintage-farmhouse-sunflower- GST1642-fresh-pressed-vintage-lotus-blossom-24x24- GST330 cottage garden 18x24 low res GST331 summer splendor 18x24 low res GST326 pitanga 20x16 low res GST327 guava 20x16 low res GST328 carambola 20x16 low res GST329 jambolana 20x16 low res GST1018 galapagos finch 24 x 24 low res GST314-endless-summer-18x24-low-res

"Endless Summer"