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no heart for me like yours with frame no love for you like mine with frame Je ne Sais Quoi c

Feminine , Fashion & Fabulous

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder."

Behold these lovelies. Simply Exquisite!

Cupid's Kiss

Love & Kisses

Chanel No. 5


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MM on beach painted lo res MM w parasol painted lo res

MM w parasol painted

MM on beach painted

love & kisses lo res c Chanel no 5 lo res c c'est la vie c La vie Boheme c Je t'aime c

Je t'aime

Je ne Sais Quoi

C'est la Vie

La Vie Boheme

LUXE lo res


love n happiness low res

Love N Happiness

No Heart for Me Like Yours

No Love For You Like Mine

GST742 GST743



GST840 go big or stay home low res GST843 Fashions Change 12x12 lo res GST844 Elegance never goes out of style lo res GST845 Fragrance makes for 12x12 lo res GST830 fashion week paris low res GST848 Bespoke for Him lo res GST847 Atelier for Her lo res GST846 Keep Smiling 18x24 lo res GST855 S.T.Y.L.E. Chanel Bag lo res

S.T.Y.L.E. Chanel Bag

Keep Smiling


Fashions Change


Fashion Week Paris

Go Big or Stay Home

GST535 Cupids Kiss redo 12x16 lo res GST537 Parfum lo res GST1001 Ballet is poetry of the soul 18x24 lo res GST1002 Dance whenever and wherever you get the ch GST1003 Grace, beauty and poise lo res GST1004 Spirit untethered set free through dance l

 "Grace, Beauty and Poise"

 "Ballet is Poetry of the Soul"

 "Dance Whenever and Wherever

you get the Chance"

 "Spirit Untethered

Set Free Through Dance"

GST1219 Sun Kissed 22x28 lo res

Sun Kissed

GST1201 fleurs de paris 18 x 24 low res GST1204 irish crystal chandelier 36 x 36 low res GST1206 nail polish heavy metal 36 x 24 low res GST1207 nail polish pretty in pink 36 x 24 low res GST1208 nail polish singin the blues 36 x 24 low r GST1210 parfum paris 18 x 24 low res GST1211 Paris Chandelier 30x30 lo res GST1212 parisian street talk low res GST1213 pink chandelier 22x28 lo res GST1327 Glam Quotes I Love Life 18x24 lo res GST1328 Glam Quotes Coco Knows Best 18x24 lo res GST1329A Poetry & Pearls 18x24 lo res GST1330 Glam Quotes The Most Courageous Act 18x24 GST1361 LUXE on Black Velvet 24x24 lo res GST1362 CHIC on Black Velvet 24x24 lo res GST1363 Eau de Perfum No.5 30x40 lo res

 "Paris Chandelier"

 "Irish Crystal Chandelier"

 "Atelier For Her"

 "Bespoke For Him"

 "Parisian Street Talk"

 "Pink Chandelier"

 "Parfum Paris"

 "Eau de Parfum No 5"

 "Fleurs de Paris"

 "CHIC on Black Velvet"

 "Nail Polish Singin the Blues"

 "Nail Polish Pretty in Pink"

 "Glam Quotes

I Love Life"

 "Glam Quotes

Coco Knows Best"

 "Glam Quotes

Poetry & Pearls"

 "Glam Quotes

The Most Courageous Thing"


 "LUXE on Black Velvet"

 "Nail Polish Heavy Metal"

 "Chandelier Denim & Wood"


GST1475 Born to Stand Out 22x28 lo res

 "Born to Stand Out"

GST1673 At the Ballet 24x24 lo res GST1674 Ballerina's Dream 18x24 lo res GST1675 En Pointe 24x24 lo res GST1588 Paris Series Painted  We'll always have Pa GST1589 Paris Series Painted I have fallen in love GST1590 Paris Series Painted Paris is Always a Goo

 "We'll Always Have Paris"

 "Paris is Always a Good Idea"

 "I Have Fallen in Love with Paris"

 "At the Ballet"

 "En Pointe"

 "Ballerina's Dream"

GST1533 she shed directional sign 18x24 wall art l

 "She Shed Directional Sign"

GST1581 emerald eye of the tiger 24x24 wall art lo

 "Emerald Eye of the Tiger"

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