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Black & White

Simplified down to the basics, sometimes life just looks a little sweeter in black & white.  Clean and straightforward, be it architectural details, the vintage mood,

the sweep of the landscape... You pick.

 "Kiss Me Goodnight"

Amseterdam Billiards & Bar c Boston Harbor c Hello Brooklyn c pantheon columns c pantheon occulus c hidden courtyard

 "Hello Brooklyn"

 "Pantheon Oculus"

 "Pantheon Columns"

 "Italian Courtyard"

 "Vintage Spotlights"

"Amsterdam Billiards & Bar NYC"

"Boston Harbor"

Anyone can hold c

 "Anyone can hold the helm..."

 "Throw Off the Bowlines"

Throw off the bowlines for web

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DaVinci equine sketch c

 "DaVinci's Equus Ferus Caballus"

On the Road c

 "On the Road"

Bucket Seats c Cali Hot Rod c Fuzzy Dice c Thunderbird front end c Open Window c Four Barrel c 1939 Jaguar c

 "Thunderbird Front End"

 "Open Window"

 "1939 Jaguar"

 "Four Barrel"

 "Bucket Seats"

 "Fuzzy Dice"

 "Cali Hot Rod"

San Fran c

 "San Francisco itself is an art..."

Classic Dash c

 "Classic Dash"

chevy grill c

 "Chevy Front Grill"

light reflector lo res

 "Bike Cruiser Deluxe"

 "Light Reflector"

 "Kodak Junior Camera"

GST757 GST762 GST760 GST763 GST756 GST761 GST759 GST758

Senior Moments Collection


 "Laundry is YOUR Life?"

 "Take Away Your Cellie"

 "Blazed Trails"

 "Original Rest Stop"

 "Public Transportation"

 "What We Call a Store"

 "Farm to Table"


 "Welcome to America"

GST532 Vintage Spotlights lo res GST531 Kodak junior camera lo res GST527 Bike Cruiser lo res GST1155 Tree in Field 24x36 lo res GST1154 NYC Atlas Sculpture 24x36 lo res GST1153 Going Up 18x24 lo res GST1151 Butternut Farm Tree 18x24 lo res GST1150 Battery Park NYC 18x30 lo res GST1172 Night Cruise 18x24 lo res GST1130 Cumberland Ferry b&w 24x36 lo res

 "NYC Atlas Sculpture"

 "Battery Park NYC"

 "Night Cruise"

 "Tree in Field"

 "Butternut Farm Tree"

 "Cumberland Ferry"

 "Going Up"

GST657 combo Screwdriver Socket Wrench patent lo r GST658 Hand Saw patent lo res GST659 Screw patent on lo res GST660 Slip Joint Pliers patent lo res

 "Screw Patent"

 "Slip Joint Pliers Patent"

 "Combo Screwdriver Socket Wrench Patent"

 "Hand Saw Patent"

GST1440 A courtesy flush Bathroom Patent 12x12 lo GST1441 Debate Settled Bathroom Patent 12x12 lo re GST1445 We aim to please Bathroom Patent 12x12 lo GST1443 Don't Make Me Come Down There Bathroom Pat GST1442 Distance Ratio Bathroom Patent 12x12 lo re GST1444 Ohhh the places I've been  Bathroom Patent

 "GST1445 We Aim to Please"

 "GST1444 Ohhh the Places I've Seen"

 "GST1441 Debate Settled"

 "GST1442 Distance Ratio"

 "GST1440 A Courtesy Flush"

 "GST1443 Don't Me Come Down There"

GST1281 tiles in litho negative 24x24 lo res

 "Tiles in Litho Negative"

GST1243Take Flight & SOAR 22x28 lo res GST1372 metallic lilly pads 40 x 30 low res GST1381 a rose is a rose 24 x 24 low res GST1418 Coney Island Nathan's vintage 22x28 lo res GST1419 Hot dog Stand 24x24 lo res GST1426 Glouster Fisherman vintage painted 18x24 l GST1427 Manhattan NYC vintage 1930's 24x36 lo res GST1428 Vintage Brooklyn Bridge c1901 24x24 lo res GST1431 Kennebunkport ME old fish house 22x28 lo r

 Bathroom Humor Series

 "Coney Island Nathan's Vintage"

 "Gloucester Fisherman Vintage"

 "Metallic Lily Pads"

 "Hot Dog Stand"

 "Vintage Brooklyn Bridge c1901"

 "Manhattan NYC Vintage"

 "Kennebunkport ME Old Fish House"

 "A Rose is a Rose"

 "Take Flight and SOAR"

GST1439 waco highway sign 36 x 24 low res GST1438 waco street scene 36 x 24 low res GST1437 waco sandwich shop 36 x 24 low res GST1436 waco farmers supply 36 x 24 low res GST1435 waco cafe 24 x 36 low res

 "Waco Highway Sign"

 "Waco Cafe"

 "Waco Sandwich Shop"

 "Waco Farmers Supply"

 "Waco Street Scene"

GST1473 Essex Locomotive 18x24 lo res

 "Essex Locomotive"

Return to Art Home Page GST1769 Desert Cacti 18x24 black and white lo res

 "Desert Cacti"

GST1720 White Domino 2 3 18x24 lo res GST1714 black domino 1 3 18x24 lo res

 "White Domino 1 3"

 "Domino 2 3"

 "Praying Palm"

GST1848 Vintage White Car in Havana 24x36 lo res GST1849 Old Cars Old Facades 24x36 lo res GST1850 Laundry in Old Havana 24x36 lo res GST1862 The Sands, Miami Beach Spot Color 36x24 lo GST1864 Miami Tram Tour Lincoln Mall Road 18x24 lo GST1877 vintage ferris wheel 22x28 lo res

 "Vintage White Car in Havana"

 "Old Car, Old Facades"

 "Laundry in Old Havana"

 "The Sands, Vintage Miami Beach

               Spot Color"

 "Miami Tram Tour Lincoln Mall Road"

 "Vintage Ferris Wheel"