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Around the World

Who needs a plane ticket when all you've gotta do is let your imagination soar?  

Travel around the world and turn another typical, hum drum day

into a brilliant new adventure!

"World Traveler"


"Galapagos Sea Lions"

world traveler Rome c world traveler NYC c world traveler Barcelona c world traveler Paris c world traveler London c Cinque Terre 1 c Cinque Terre fishing boat c tuscany view c

"World Traveler"

New York City

"World Traveler"


"World Traveler"


"World Traveler"


"Tuscany Vineyard"

"Cinque Terre"


Cinque Terre

firenza bike c

"Firenze, Italia"

london guard c Duomo di Firenze c

"Duomo di Firenze"

"London Guard"

gruyeres castle view for web lake lucerne for web

"Gruyeres Castle View"

"Lake Luzern"


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palacio de cristal for web

"Palacio de Cristal"


alhambra view for web

"Alhambra Vista"


NYC mid town view panel 3 c NYC mid town view panel 2 c NYC mid town view panel 1 c

"Vintage NYC triptych"

baila salsa for web baila flamenco for web

"Baila Flamenco"

"Dance Salsa"

"Baila Merengue"

baila merengue for web

"Eiffel Tower"


eiffel tower lo res c jameson barrels for web jameson truck for web jameson wagon for web

"Jameson Barrels"

"Jameson Wagon"

"Jameson Truck"

"Biking in Italy"


"Irish Cottage"

GST653 GST652 GST651

Room With a View Collection

"Lake Luzern Mountain View"

"Lake Luzern Window View"

"Blasket Island View"


"Killiane Castle

Country House and Farm"

GST686 GST688

"Irish Castle and Fountain"

"Stonewalled in Ireland"

"County Galway Homestead"

"Brazen Head Pub"

GST808 GST813 GST807

"Clear Water Kiyomizu-dera Temple"

"Kinkaku-ji Temple of the Golden Pavilion"

"1887 Japanese Woodcut of English Words"

GST265 Vernazza Cinque Terre lo res


Cinque Terre

GST889 slainte low res GST835 circle the globe low res GST842 what are you waiting for low res



"What are You Waiting For"


"Circle the Globe"


"Old World Gold"


GST871 Traveling it Leaves you Speechless lo res


it Leaves you Speechless..."


GST267 galapagos sea lions low res GST941 granada aqua vista 24 x 18 low res GST980 The Old Mill by kwn 18x24 lo res GST1124 View of Vatican from bridge painted 22x28

 "Rio Palma"

 "The Old Mill by KWN"

 "Granada Aqua Vista"

 "View of the Vatican"

GST1120 Venezia 30x40 lo res GST1121 Venice Gondola 18x24 lo res GST1122 Venice Grand Canal18x24 lo res

 "Venice Gondola"

 "Venice Grand Canal"


GST1159 The Louvre at Dusk 18x24 lo res

 "The Louvre at Dusk"

GST1152 Staten Island Ferry 24x36 lo res GST1117 Stonehenge 24x36 lo res


 "Mont St. Michel"

 "Staten Island Ferry"

GST1115 Mont St. Michel 24x36 lo res GST1118 Swans on Lough Leane 24x36 lo res GST1158 Amsterdam Canal 18x24 lo res GST1112 Harbour in Hon Fleur painted 24x36 lo res GST1109 Chateau Charmont painted 24x36 lo res GST1116 Ross Castle row boats painted 20x30 lo res

 "Chateau Charmont"

 "Swans on Lough Leane"

"Ross Castle Row Boats"

 "Harbour in Hon Fleur"

 "Amsterdam Canal"

GST1123 View of Alcatraz painted 24x36 lo res GST1110 Durty Nelly's of Co. Clare 18x24 lo res

 "Durty Nelly's of Co. Clare"

 "View of Alcatraz"

GST968 Laundry Day 30x40 lo res

 "Laundry Day"

 "Tuscany Vineyard"

GST1160 London Eye View from Park 18x24 lo res GST1119 Tuscany Vineyard 18x24 lo res GST1111 Glendalough Ireland Lower Lake 24x36 lo re

 "London Eye View from Park"

 "Glendalough Ireland Lower Lake"

GST529 Biking in Italy lo res GST1222 Paris_1914_Moulin_Rouge painted 18x24 lo r GST1223 l'exposition de universelle 1889 Georges G GST1416 Paris Exposition Universelle 1900 View Pai

 "Paris 1914 Moulin Rouge painted"

 "Paris Exposition Universelle 1900"

 "l'Exposition de Universelle 1889"

GST1415 Piazza San Marco, Venice Photochrom low re

 "Piazza San Marco Venice Photochrome"

GST1656 NYC Skyline from Brooklyn 24x60 lo res GST1657 Boston Harbor Skyline in Morning 24x60 lo

"NYC Skyline From Brooklyn"


 "Boston Harbor Skyline in Morning"

GST1682 Santa Monica Pier painted 18x24 lo res GST1474 Pagoda 18x24 lo res GST1448 Chicago in Color 18x24 lo res GST1449 Chicago Skyline bw 18x24 lo res GST1451 Chicago Skyline aged 18x24 lo res GST1452 Chicago Marquee sepia 14x30 lo res

"Chicago Marquee Sepia"

"Chicago Skyline Aged"

"Chicago Skyline B&W"

"Chicago in Color"

Return to Art Home Page GST1752 Hanging Lantern 30x40 lo res GST1766 Scenic Overlook 18x24 lo res

"Hanging Lantern"


"Scenic Overlook"


GST1805 Moulin Rouge painted 24x24 lo res

"Moulin Rouge painted"


"Santa Monica Pier"


GST907 río palma 36 x 24 low res GST876 old world gold 18x24 low res GST690-Stone-Walled-in-Ireland-18-x-24-low-res GST693-County-Galway-Homestead-18x24-low-res GST815-imagine-18x-18-wall-decor-low-res

"Imagine Central Park, NYC"