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Artistic words and images that express what's inside.  A shout out from the heart...or just something fun.   At Graffi*tee Studios, we combine the art of vibrant imagery with simple statements,  infusing our designs with a unique and light point of view.


We invite you to flip through the world of Graffi*tee Studios. Browse around and have a good time!  Find your comfort zone in sea, street or vintage decor.  Our photo collage and single image art will dress up your walls and be just the thing to up the "wow" factor in your sacred space.


Look no further...our tees are YOUR destination for that 'just right' vacay feel.


And while you're at it, hit up our line of uber-hip note cards. They're a refreshing change from the old-school snail mail cards that are out there!


Whether you want to Feather your Nest,  grab a cool tee, connect across town...or across the globe...Graffi*tee Studios will help make your inside art visible to the world.


Everyone, no matter how quiet, has something 

to say. Graffiti artists choose "tags" to reflect their individuality - their persona.  



What's YOUR Tag?

Make it Graffi*tee Studios!

Designs with a positive vibe.


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